Wood floors can add warmth, beauty and value

to your home or business enhancing the décor of

any room. The maintenance of wood floors is easy,

and new technology on stains and finishes provide

a healthier and faster cleaning process. A cleaning

product recommended by your local dealer or

contractor will ensure that you use the proper

cleaner for your type of flooring and finish.

Wood floors are ecologically friendly, and are both

renewable, and recyclable. Because wood floors do

not collect dust and other allergens, they are the

perfect choice for a healthy home. Whether you

are looking for the traditional oak, maple, exotic

mahogany or the popular bamboo, you are sure to

find a color and style to fit your décor.

Wood floors come in a variety of styles to meet

the demands of today’s lifestyles- factory finished,

unfinished, solid, engineered, plank, parquet,

laminated, and acrylic impregnated. Customizing

your wood floor is easier and more affordable than

ever before. Borders, medallions, painted floors,

mixed products, stains, and exotic species will create

a one of a kind look.

Choosing the one that is best for you is an

important decision. We are here to help you choose

the best option for your taste and budget.


The family of Porcelain Ceramics, Clay Ceramics

and Glass has long been the most environmentally

responsible floor and wall coverings. Ceramics have

been used to date the history of man from ancient

civilizations through modern times. While some of

today’s manufacturers still make tile by hand, most

use some form of automation. This has resulted in

tile made faster and more economically.

Since ceramic tile can be a beautiful, durable, easily

cleaned, and affordable surface, it has become a

widely used product on almost every continent of

the modern world. There are almost infinite styles

and shapes for ceramic tiles and stones. Let our

team guide you through the selection of the best

choice for all your tile and stone décor.


We guarantee our work. Before any installation

takes place, there are several factors to consider.

A flat sub floor, the moisture content, good quality

materials, and trained installers are a most to

achieve a good result. We thoroughly train our

technicians to strive for excellence. We control all

aspects of the job, from scheduling and completion

to the most important part, the quality.

Installation costs vary with material type and size,

surface preparation, applications, and other factors.

Our office staff can help you budget your project

and our field estimators can provide an exact

quote. Service Max International is here for all your

residential and commercial needs.

Here is a list of some of the items we install:

Wood Floors

• Engineered

• Solid and unfinished

• Laminated

• Custom Borders and Medallions

• Athletic and Gym floors

• Auditoriums and Stages

Tile and Stone

• Ceramic and Porcelain tiles

• Glass and metal tiles

• Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone

Upon request, we can also install decorative vinyl

composition tiles, rubber and synthetic resin

floors, deck applications as well as residential and

commercial carpet.


We are proud to offer our customers several

maintenance programs that will enhance the

original beauty of your floors and surfaces. These

programs can be on a regular basis or a one time job.

Refinishing, Polishing or Restoring any hard surface

requires good planning. Our staff will make sure to

discuss all of what is involved in the process.

We try to use the most advanced equipment and

products available on the market to ensure that the

finished product fulfills the construction standards

and have the least impact on the environment.

Some of the green products we use are:

• BonaKemi

• Basic Coatings

• Dura Seal

• Lagler Hummel

• Clark

• 3M

Weather you want to make your floors or walls look

like new again, change the color, add extra protective

coatings or clean your floors, we are here to help you.

Choosing the best program to accommodate your

budget, is our number one priority.

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